Our Commitment to our Breeding Program

We are a “family” breeder committed to providing the best quality German Shepherds.  We are located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Our goal is to produce powerful, intelligent, brave, loyal, and protective yet stable minded German Shepherds. We believe that these traits are the very essence of a true German Shepherd.  All our puppies are raised inside our home  together with my wife and my two young children. The puppies are socialized at a young age ensuring that they will fit right into their family.

We are confident that our customers will be fully satisfied with our German Shepherds. Our hope for anyone who purchase a German Shepherd from us is that they understand they are not only buying a pet, but rather getting a companion, a guardian and a family member.

Thank you for checking our website and hope you enjoy it.



Dara Rapacov


   jay@carolinagermanshepherds.com                                                            (347) 922 - 6606